Home to the Only HEUI Injector Test Stand in Nanaimo

At Island Diesel, we carry the only HI2000 HEUI Injector Test Stand on Vancouver Island to serve your Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injector (HEUI) testing needs. We are able to accurately diagnose problems and provide you with multiple of potential causes, often within the same day.
white suv on winter road

How to make your diesel fuel last in the winter

Lower temperatures mean lower mileage from your diesel fuel and lower energy content. Fortunately, there are ways to slow down the effects of Old Man Winter when it comes to your diesel fuel.
gas injector testing with a testing bench

How We Clean Your Gasoline Fuel Injectors

Our sophisticated and thorough ASNU Classic GDI cleaning machine promises to restore your injectors to their original condition, so they return to you—as its phonetical name suggests—as good “as new”.
cracked injector nozzle

How Air in the Fuel System Can Cost Thousands in Repairs

Changing a fuel filter without following the manufacturer's instructions can result in failures that are far more costly than the $40 filter.
OEM Fuel Injectors

Things Aren’t Always As They Seem: When OEM isn’t OEM

We recently had a customer come into our shop for injector testing. He was working on a popular Japanese brand of an excavator that had over 16,000 hours on it, and had taken the cylinder head off for unrelated repairs.

What You Should Know About Injector Connector Tubes

The injector inlet connector tube (or fuel feed tube) fits in through a drilled port on the side of the cylinder head to connect the high pressure fuel lines from the pump (or rail) to the injector inlet.
ID Price and Value

Buying Diesel Parts: Price vs Value

I can admit I love a bargain. I'd rather spend my pay check on enjoyable things, but to save money in the long run it is important to weigh initial price vs. value over the lifetime of whatever it is you buy.
diesel truck black coloured smoke

Types of Coloured Exhaust Smoke

Modern diesel engines equipped with exhaust after-treatment systems should emit NO smoke AT ALL...
bio-diesel fuel