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How We Clean Your Gasoline Fuel Injectors

Like any reliable companion (inanimate or not), your car is usually pretty good at letting you know when there’s a problem. And if you’ve been driving it for a while, you’re probably able to pick up on those tell-tale signs.

Perhaps it’s not running like it normally does, or the fuel economy hasn’t been up to its usual par. The sign might even be as direct as the oil light turning on. These are all ways your car is saying it needs to visit your mechanic, either for something specific or for general maintenance.

Fortunately, the diagnosis can be as simple as clogged and dirty gas injectors. And that’s where Island Diesel and our sister location, NW Fuel come in.

We encourage you to see a certified shop for a proper diagnosis, but once it’s been determined that it’s a gas injector cleaning issue, your mechanic will then pull out the injectors and send them to us to deliver the prescription—clean your gas injectors.

Although most of our business is diesel-oriented, we do test and clean gas injectors (at NW Fuel) as well. In fact, we’ve been performing this service for more than 20 years. We’ve recently spent time upgrading our machines, as the technology has changed.

How we clean your gas injectors

Our sophisticated and thorough ASNU Classic GDI cleaning machine promises to restore your injectors to their original condition, so they return to you—as its phonetical name suggests—as good “as new”.

First, we conduct a pre-test where we check flow rates, spray patterns, and the general operation of the injectors in order to determine a baseline.

clean your gasoline fuel injectors with ASNU Classic

We then put your injectors in an ultrasonic cleaning bath. Soundwave technology, similar to when you get your eyeglasses or rings cleaned, is able to clean areas we otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach. This is important because gas injectors don’t come apart. During the bath, we pulse or run, the injectors to see how they’re operating.

We then put the injectors through the same procedures as the pre-test and monitor improvements to make sure they’re ready to go back into your car.

If they still aren’t running after the bath it, unfortunately, means you need a new gas injector. The good news is we always operate on a strict “no fix, no pay” policy.

How to keep your gas injectors cleaner for longer

While we generally recommend cleaning your gas injectors every 150-200,000 kilometres, some people will find they need this service earlier. However, there are ways to ensure your gas injectors remain in top shape for longer.

Avoiding poor gasoline quality is first and foremost. Sometimes if you’re buying a used car, the owner will offer an old tank of gas they’ve had lying around. This is not a good idea. Always make sure you are buying new and good quality gasoline, and that you know its source.

Good vehicle maintenance is also very important. Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance details—if your book says it’s time for maintenance, then it’s usually time for maintenance, particularly for newer cars.

Technology is changing rapidly and no matter how knowledgeable you are about cars, it’s difficult to keep up. Remember, it’s in the manufacturer’s best interest to make solid recommendations about your car’s maintenance, as they wouldn’t want any bad press.

Lastly, boats and motorcycles are more susceptible to frequent cleaning since they spend longer periods of time sitting in the garage.

Our next blog will cover the cleaning and servicing of diesel injectors.

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