While those roots might only seem like seeds on Vancouver Island, our philosophy is 50 years old, thanks to our head office and sister company on the mainland, NW Fuel.

At our core, is the desire to provide high-quality service and products, while building strong, long-term relationships with our clients and customers. Taking shape back in 1968 with the opening of NW Fuel in Surrey, our school of thought travelled with us across the Georgia Strait when we set up shop in Nanaimo in 2016.

Between NW Fuel and Island Diesel, we are the only company in B.C. that can test almost every mechanical, hydraulic, or electronic injector in production today.

Our injector testing services vary from product to product, but our goal is always to provide answers within those first 24 hours.

Investing in the type of specialized and advanced testing we can provide at our shop means you leave us with the ability to make an informed decision about your injectors. Our Bosch authorization ensures access to a wealth of resources, up-to-date training, and regular inspections to guarantee you are receiving the best service.

Although we don’t test and build pumps at our Nanaimo location, we have a large inventory that includes pumps in stock and ready to go. We will also take care of any shipping needs to our sister location to have your pumps tested and rebuilt there.

The Island Diesel Philosophy: Precise injector testing to replace only what’s needed = saving you money

From common rail and unit to mechanical and gasoline, take a look at our injector testing services to find out how we can best serve you and solve the problems you’re experiencing!


In 2014 we took delivery of the first Bosch EPS205 bench in Western Canada — this is the first and only WARRANTY APPROVED desktop style bench for Bosch Common Rail Injectors. These injectors are found on GMC/Chevrolet Duramax since 2001, Dodge/Cummins since 2003, Ford 6.7 since 2011, plus a variety of Cummins, Volvo, Deutz, Volvo Penta, Mack, Volkswagen, BMW, and Mercedes engines. Don’t take a chance on testing that isn’t Bosch approved — Bosch built the injector, and only the Bosch bench can accurately test the injector to their tight tolerances.

A little more about Bosch Common Rail Injectors, and why you should accept no substitute can be found here.

Of course, while we keep up with the very latest technology, our main location in Surrey also tests, rebuilds, and sells all conventional fuel injection pumps and injectors, along with the hybrid systems (mechanical injection, electronic governing) found on Volkswagen TDI (VP36/37), Dodge/Cummins (98-02 VP44), John Deere, Cummins, Mack, Volvo Penta, VM Motori, and many other engines too.

Bosch EPS 205


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