• Island Diesel Grant

About Island Diesel

Island Diesel Injection was born out of a booming business in Surrey and a growing demand for a unique brand of injector testing services within the Nanaimo and greater Vancouver Island diesel community.

While we officially set up shop in April 2016, we brought almost 50 years of diesel and injector testing history to the island on that opening day. As a satellite to NW Fuel Injection Service in Surrey (which opened its doors in 1968), Island Diesel brings similar expertise and upholds the same values of high quality care, customer service, and building those long-term relationships with our clients.

Managed by Grant Williamson, a Vancouver Island native, our shop can test most common rail, HEUI style, injector, and electronic unit injectors in service today.

Quality of service and product is paramount and we would never recommend a product we wouldn’t install in our own vehicles. Some of the brands we offer include Bosch, PurePower, Alliant Power, Stanadyne, Yanmar, Delphi, and Denso, but there are many more.

A Strong Partnership Between Sister Shops

Having a sister shop with 50 years of experience under its belt means that if you come to us with a problem we can’t fix, chances are, NW Fuel can—and they’re more than willing to do so.

Although we don’t test and build injection pumps at the Nanaimo location, we will take care of sending your injection pump or turbo repair work to the mainland for NW Fuel to take care of you.

In return, we offer a uniquely large inventory of parts and products for both the DIY types and local repair shops, used by both Island Diesel and NW Fuel clients. This includes a vast number of pumps in stock and ready to go.

Why Island Diesel is Partnered with Bosch

Like our sister company, our Bosch authorization allows us to provide our customers with an OEM approved alternative to sending damaged products back to the equipment manufacturer to be repaired. Our certification means we have access to cutting-edge equipment, resources, and training, as well as, regular examinations by Bosch representatives, to keep our expertise up to date.

When you bring your equipment to us, we’ll only service the parts or components of your product that need fixing and it will be done to factory specifications, regardless of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of that part—whether its Bosch or another company. Why buy an entirely new component, if you don’t need to?

This means that by coming to us for your repair needs, you not only save money, but we can guarantee you will leave our shop with an optimal product.

As experts in diesel engines and fuel injection technology, we are dedicated to making sure your needs are met and your expectations are exceeded.