The common rail system is a major advancement in diesel technology.  Bosch provides the common rail fuel system to many Original Equipment Manufacturers and currently claims 68% of the diesel marketplace, leading the world providing quality common-rail fuel systems.  Denso makes most of the other common rail injectors found in the North American market, including Kubota, Toyota, Hitachi, Isuzu, and many others.  Common rail systems provide diesel engines with quieter performance, improved fuel economy, higher torque, and lower emissions.

Our Bosch test bench provides warranty-approved testing of Bosch common rail (solenoid-style or piezo-style) injectors, duplicating realistic operating conditions to properly and accurately evaluate injector performance.  This bench also tests Denso, Siemens and Delphi common rail injectors.

Using OEM authorized equipment to test OEM products provides the most efficient and precise way to test modern high-pressure fuel system components. Proper testing provides accurate injector performance evaluations which streamlines diagnostic troubleshooting & helps you get your customers back on the road faster.

Common Rail Injectors

Get your common rail injectors tested professionally

Warranty approved common rail tests include:

  • High pressure nozzle & control valve leak testing
  • Injector start behavior (without return flow counter-pressure)
  • ISA tuning (Idle Speed Adjustment)
  • Full-load quantity (VL)
  • Electric ‘buzz’ test
  • Pilot injection quantity (VE)
  • Idle quantity (LL)
  • Emissions Quantity (EM)
  • Actuator resistance
  • Nozzle