Injector Connector Tubes

The injector inlet connector tube (or fuel feed tube) fits in through a drilled port on the side of the cylinder head to connect the high pressure fuel lines from the pump (or rail) to the injector inlet.

The Connector Tube contacts the injector to form a metal–to–metal seal.  This is necessary because of torque needed to seal the high pressure tube against the injector body.

Any contaminates that have made it this far through the fuel system are pulverized to less than ten microns in size as they pass through the Connector Tube’s Edge Filter as the last line of defence before the injector.

Note: The Edge Filter is not serviceable, if it becomes plugged the Connector Tube must be replaced.

Edge Filter diesel Engine

The Connector Tube O–ring should be replaced whenever the Connector Tube is removed and installed.

Note: Proper torque is critical to the installation of the connector tubes to ensure a proper seal.

If the fitting is not torqued properly, the surfaces may not seal, causing a high pressure fuel leak.

If the fitting is over torqued, the surfaces may deform.  This condition may also result in a high pressure fuel leak.  A high pressure fuel leak caused by improper torque can cause an injector miss and/or low power condition.

Take the time to inspect the connector tubes and orings to be sure they are in flawless condition before reassembling so you are not taking the fuel system apart a second time looking for a low power complaint or a misfire issue.

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