Island Diesel is Home to the only HEUI Injector Test Stand on the Island

We’ve all heard the caution about throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Well, the old adage is surprisingly apt when it comes to your injectors.

A couple of faulty injectors doesn’t mean you have to replace the whole set of six or eight—especially when they cost several hundred dollars each these days. Accurate and precise injector testing and diagnosing means replacing the injectors that need replacing, and keeping those that don’t.

How we use the HI200 HEUI Injector Test Stand

At Island Diesel, we carry the only HI2000 HEUI Injector Test Stand on Vancouver Island to serve your Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injector (HEUI) testing needs.

With this sophisticated testing bench, we are able to accurately diagnose problems and provide multiple of potential causes and solutions, so you know exactly what needs replacing, often within the same day.

Introduced in the spring of 2000, the stand was originally developed to meet the industry demand for testing Ford and Navistar injectors.

Why customers get their HEUI testing done at Island Diesel

Today, it has been updated with the capability of testing almost every high pressure oil actuated injector in operation, such as the 7.3 and 6.0 Powerstroke, as well as Navistar T444E, DT466E, and CAT 3126, C7, and C9 injectors.

It features a selectable stroke counter, digital temperature monitoring, upper and lower poppet valve seat testing, adjustable RPM, pulse width, and control pressure.

If you’re looking to have your injectors tested and serviced, don’t hesitate to stop by our shop in Nanaimo or give us a call—our team is more than happy to help out.

Our vast inventory means we have many pumps and injectors in stock to suit your needs!

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