The Experience of Island Diesel Staff

At NW Fuel Injection, we pride ourselves on being the most modern, up to date shop in this corner of North America.  We have shops from Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Washington State regularly sending us pumps and injectors for testing or repair, because their local shop can’t handle it.  We are constantly reinvested in new equipment, tooling, and training to keep up with the rapidly changing diesel industry.
However, that doesn’t mean we can’t handle the old, the unusual, the unique.  When this pump and injectors walked in the door yesterday, all our technicians crowded around the front counter for a good look.  When our 20+ year pump tech veterans haven’t seen one before, well, that’s rare indeed.
Regardless, a pump is a pump…so after a little time to set up lines and test equipment, we were able to bench test this antique oddity and confirm the customer’s running complaint.
So, bring us your modern, or your unique, and everything in between.  We’re your one stop fuel shop!

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