In recent events there has been a lot of disarray in the media about diesel vehicles. Here at NW fuel we identify with this statement made by the Diesel Technology Forum.

The Diesel Technology Forum issued the following press release:

(View this press release online here.) 

Washington, D.C. – The Diesel Technology Forum issued the following statement regarding clean diesel vehicles in the U.S.

The Diesel Technology Forum does not comment on specific cases or circumstances involving individual companies and enforcement actions by the government.  However, to the extent that these circumstances have raised questions about diesel technology in general, we offer the following:

The circumstances involving a single manufacturer do not define an entire technology, or an industry. Vehicle manufacturers and engine makers have invested billions of dollars in research and development to successfully meet the most aggressive emissions standards in the world.   They continue to work closely and cooperatively with the Environmental Protection Agency, California Air Resources Board, international regulatory bodies, as well as environmental and other interest groups toward common goals.

Nothing has changed the fact that the diesel engine is the most energy efficient internal combustion engine.  It is a proven technology and its unique combination of efficiency, power, reliability, performance, low-emissions and suitability for using renewable fuels ensures a place for diesel technology to help meet the demands of a global economy.

We are also confident that consumers will continue to find the new generation of clean diesel cars, trucks and SUVs as a competitive choice to meet their personal transportation needs.

Finally, it is important to focus forward on the significant accomplishments of an entire industry that developed and refined clean diesel technology to what it is today – a key strategy in achieving current and future energy and climate goals.

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