Recently, some repair shop customers have been purchasing ‘brand x’ common rail injectors somewhere else, because they think the OEM product is too expensive.  What is the reason for this discussion?  The ‘brand x’ injectors did not work.  This does not mean they did not run the engine (although in one case, they really did not!). This resulted in their customers (the truck owners) being unhappy.  The little bit of money that was saved by buying a cheaper injector was soon forgotten, after tow trucks, smoke, low power, poor economy, and repeated visits to the repair shop.

Bosch (the OEM manufacturer of most common rail injectors in the market today) recently published some test results about the ‘brand x’ injectors. First, they bought a used pick-up truck. Then, they dyno’d and tested the truck with genuine injectors, and recorded emission levels, soot, and fuel economy stats. Out came the genuine injectors, then they installed ‘brand x’ injectors. The same tests were conducted and results were recorded.

Finally, the genuine injectors were reinstalled, and the truck was tested one last time, to ensure that the last test results match the first test results (this is to ensure the re&re process did not influence the results).
The full report is published here:
Now, concentrating on one item only: fuel economy. This does not distract from the importance of the environment; however, economy is immediately tangible. Perhaps $400 is saved buying a set of cheap, non-Bosch injectors. Based on the fact that genuine Bosch injectors provide an average of 3% better fuel economy, imagine spending $400 that was saved in extra fuel, in the first year alone!

That is assuming the injectors that were purchased last that long, and did not cause any other issues. Needless to say, the repair shop customers mentioned above will only be buying genuine Bosch injectors in the future!

Here at NW Fuel Injection we do not claim to be the cheapest source of parts. We are competitive, and we are fair; however, quality products often mean a higher up-front price and better value in the long run.
We will offer FREE INJECTOR TESTING (if they pass*) — We are so confident, we would love to put this to the test! If you decide, despite this information, to purchase a set of non-Bosch injectors elsewhere, you can bring them in for testing prior to installation. IF THEY ALL PASS, we will provide the testing for FREE! This is a fully computerized test bench – we cannot influence the results.

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