At NW Fuel Injection we know that injection performance and engine efficiency can vary over the life of your engine.  Our goal is to optimize the performance and minimize the emissions of your engine over its entire life. To compensate for the wear on internal parts and fuel system components, many engines now have sophisticated technology to help the ECU make precise cylinder–to–cylinder fueling corrections required to achieve optimum mileage and performance from each engine.

Those fuel system engineers are pretty smart – they have some interesting new technology coming out soon called ‘Zero Fuel Correction’. Essentially, whenever you release the throttle pedal and the vehicle is pushing the engine (ie. coasting down a hill), the ECU can sense this and proceeds to shut the fuel off to the injectors. Then, one at a time, it fires the injectors and begins to increase the pulse width signal to each injector until the ECU sees measurablechanges at the crank sensor and backs it off, proceeding to the next injector. This allows the engine to constantly re-learn the zero fuel pulse width point for each injector, optimizing mileage & minimizing emissions as the injector and engine components gradually wear.

Island Diesel can optimize your engine and reduce the emissions your diesel engine produces

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