Why do I want Bosch injectors?

As the kilometers add-up on your diesel engine, there comes a time when your fuel system will need service and possibly replacement of the diesel fuel injectors.

There are many options for you to carefully consider when sourcing replacement parts and Bosch has reported back on some comprehensive testing of re-manufactured injectors that were not authorized by them.

The Bosch service team uses state-of-the-art equipment to test and evaluate re-manufactured/rebuilt injectors such as the EPS-815 test bench with Bosch’s patented ‘Shot-to-Shot’ (SST) technology to evaluate the calibration values.

Alarmingly, Bosch found that 70% of the non-genuine injectors presented significant engine performance issues if installed into a diesel common-rail fuel system.

Engine performance concerns that the Bosch team found when inspecting the injectors:

  • No start
  • Internal or external fuel leaks
  • Rough idle
  • White and black smoke
  • Low power

Installing questionable injectors into a late-model fuel system could result in having to redo the entire job. It is not unusual for it to take 8-hours to re-install just one injector. We also know that only takes one poorly operating injector to negatively impact engine performance.
These caveats are hardly worth the savings a few dollars and could compromise customer satisfaction and future business.

Late-model diesel fuel injectors are highly sophisticated devices. Controlled by a high-performance engine computer, the injectors are designed to cycle 5 – 8 times per combustion event during the delivery of fuel into the engine.

Bosch common-rail injectors are remanufactured following a strict building process to produce a consistently reliable product with exacting performance characteristics. This means certified production, replacing all wearable parts and critical components with original Bosch parts, incorporating the updates and using the newest production technology.

High-quality components, rigorous standards, and strict testing requirements ensure the production of functionally sound, durable, reliable injectors with Bosch’s 100% guarantee.

Be sure to contact your Bosch authorized diesel service facility that has all of the necessary equipment and training to properly service your diesel engine and ensure that replacement components meet the OE standards for performance and reliability.

Here at NW Fuel Injection, (a Bosch authorized dealer), we can confidently stand behind our product. We are so confident that If you decide, despite this information, to purchase a set of non-Bosch injectors elsewhere, you can bring them in prior to installation for FREE TESTING (if they pass*). IF THEY ALL PASS, we will provide the testing for FREE! This is a fully computerized test bench – we cannot influence the results.

Want to test your fuel injectors? Contact us below.