EPA04 International Trucks from 2005-2007 DT466 & DT530

The fuel systems on the EPA04 engine is the second generation HEUI system that uses the Siemens G2.9 injectors. This style of fuel system does not have a return line that goes back to the fuel tank or filter. This results in returnless fuel dead-headed in the system with only one way out.

This is not really a problem, but presents some challenges when servicing the fuel system or replacing the fuel injectors.

When replacing the injectors (or servicing the fuel system – e.g. Fuel filter replacement) it is very important to properly bleed the air out of the fuel system before starting the engine.

On the fuel/air intake manifold there is a schrader valve on the end of the rail that is used to bleed the air out of the system. Energizing the feed pump and opening the bleed valve will purge the trapped air inside the fuel feed passageways.

Important Notes:

Use EPA10 service manual for trucks with a VIN of year 2011 – 2013.

Use EPA13 service manual for trucks with a VIN year of 2014+.

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