What are Internal Diesel Injector Deposits?

We all know that the internal components of a high pressure common rail (HPCR) injector are under incredible demands to achieve consistent, repeatable fuel flow and exacting performance. The HPCR injector works in a harsh environment dealing with extreme vibrations, handling up to 30,000PSI of fuel pressure and tolerating 1300 degrees of heat – and we expect it to do its job over, and over and over again – literally hundreds of millions of times over a typical injector life of about 250,000KMs.

Since common rail injectors have become the new standard in modern diesel engines, we have been noticing new issues arise that we have not seen before with a purely mechanical type of injector. It is quite normal to see carbon deposits forming on the tip of the injector (which we know inhibits operation by affecting atomization of the fuel) but we are not used to seeing deposits INSIDE the injector, and specifically on the sensitive injector solenoid armature and on the control valve.

These deposits often look like carbon or coking deposits, usually dark brown color but also can be very light, almost grayish to off-white. These hard deposits can form in virtually any type of diesel engine, which can generally cause injector operation issues that are sometimes identified as a misfire, stumble, rough run, excessive smoke, or poor performance/mileage.

The sophisticated engineering of a HPCR injector relies on very tight tolerances to maintain proper operation of the injector. Clearances as little as 1 – 3 microns (a human hair is about 80 – 100 microns) are typical inside these injectors, so you can image how even a very small amount of material deposited on these sensitive parts can create sticky injector operation, and even seize the components and cause an injector failure.

We’ve found that Stanadyne Performance Formula Injector Cleaner is a multi-functional additive with concentrated detergents to designed to eliminate and prevent Internal Diesel Injector Deposits (IDID) that can build up inside a HPCR injector. The injector cleaner also includes a cetane improver to restore performance & economy and lubricants to prevent rust/corrosion of fuel system components.

We recommend using Stanadyne Performance Formula Injector Cleaner 4 -6 times per year to eliminate any built-up deposits, and maintain a smooth running engine achieving optimum performance & maximum economy.


Stanadyne Performance Formula Injector Cleaner

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