International EPA04 engines from 2005 -2007 have replaceable inserts in the engine where the water pump would rub if it fails. This allows you to replace the wear surface without having to replace the engine front cover. This replaceable insert is only present on the early engines.

close up of a 570 pump

[570 water pump]

close up of a 466 water pump

[466 water pump]

Be aware that the 466 engine and the 570 engine each use a different water pump, but the 466 water pump will bolt right into 570 engines and OVERHEAT.

The part numbers are only 1 digit apart. It is easy for the parts department to accidentally pick the wrong one – be sure you are installing the correct pump into the correct engine.

466 water pump – 1842664C92
570 water pump – 1842665C92

Slight seepage from the water pump is considered ‘normal’ by International as long as the drip does not hit the ground

Replace the water pump in your EPA04 engine with the help of a professional

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