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Study Finds Diesel Vehicles Pay Back In 3-5 Years

Diesels may have higher fuel costs and can be more expensive to buy, but owners are more likely to extinguish those costs faster than gasoline buyers.








Here’s why:


-Fuel Costs

-Ownership Costs (fuel cost, depreciation, repairs, maintenance, insurance, fees, and taxes)

The depreciation value of a diesel is lower than a gasoline vehicle. Their resale values were found to be 30-50% higher for cars and SUVs, and 60-70% higher for medium-duty trucks, after three years. And after five years, the gap between diesel and gasoline vehicles is even more significant.

Although the price of diesel per gallon is higher than gasoline costs, diesels still managed to have lower average fuel costs. Numbers showed 12-27% for cars and SUVs, and 4-8% for medium-duty trucks-due to their greater fuel efficiency.

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