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Clean Diesel Power at the Greenest Port In The World

As fuel emissions continue to be a growing concern, there are  improvements being made constantly. A great example of this is the Port of Long Beach that announced that they had surpassed every air pollution reduction milestone. They managed to reduce their diesel particulates by 85%, nitrogen oxides (NOx) by 50%, and sulfur oxides by 97%!

More than 91% of the port’s trucks are diesel fueled vehicles.  The port prohibits trucks older than Model Year 2007 from entering the complex and they require that the trucks register with the port. There are a small number of pre-2007 trucks that get access on a one-time basis but have to pay a significant fee. According to the dray truck registry, about 60% of the 16 887 registered trucks entering the port are Model Year 2007-2009 and the remainder are 2010 or newer.

Today it would take approximately 60 trucks powered by a newer diesel engine to equal the same emissions from one manufactured in 1988. The port will continue to have these major air quality improvements as they lay the foundation for continued progress toward future goals.

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