One of those reasons we partner with our suppliers is their amazing technical support.

Alliant Power not only provides high quality OEM parts but also the tools and technical knowledge to best use those parts. That way, they ensure that your customers get the best service you can provide.

Yesterday, they released a technical bulletin for 6.4L Power Stroke/MaxxForce 7 High-Pressure Fuel Pump Connectors. We wanted to share this with you and hope you pass it along to members of your organization who will find it useful.

Tech Bulletin Summary

Follow these two critical steps regarding the volume and pressure control valve connectors:

  • Make sure to remove the rubber connector spacer
  • Use the tie straps to lock and secure the connector

The full bulletin follows below.

Technical Bulletin: 6.4L Power Stroke®/MaxxForce® 7 High-Pressure Fuel Pump Connectors

When servicing a high-pressure fuel pump or high-pressure fuel pump cover gasket on a 6.4L Power Stroke/
MaxxForce 7 engine, there are two critical steps regarding the volume (VCV) and pressure (PCV) control valve
connectors that must be followed.

Rubber Connector Spacer

Early production pumps were equipped with rubber connector spacers in the cavity of the VCV and PCV connectors, see images below. These spacers must be removed and discarded prior to plugging in the harness
connectors. If these spacers are not removed the harness connectors may not lock in place properly, resulting in possible fault codes and low power concerns.

Island Diesel - Alliant Power Fuel Pump Connector Spacer

Harness Connector Tie Straps

Two tie straps are supplied with all high-pressure fuel pump installation kits. These tie straps must be installed on the VCV and PCV harness connectors prior to reinstalling the high-pressure fuel pump cover. The purpose of these tie straps is to keep the harness connectors locked in place. It is an indication that the harness connector is not fully engaged and locked if the tie strap cannot be inserted through the harness connector slot, see images below.

Island Diesel - Alliant Power Fuel Pump Connector Strap Tie

You can download and print the full bulletin here.

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